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“One of the most beloved entertainers 
and pop icons from the Disco era, 
multi-Platinum recording artist and

American Music Award winner
Randy Jones came to embody The Cowboy 
in Village People in a way that has 
captured the public imagination for decades."

RANDY JONES, an actor, author, American Music Award winner and multi-platinum recording artist, is the original Cowboy and a founding member of Village People. In his career spanning four decades before, with and since Village People, he has sold 100 million units. Perhap
s best known for his hits with the group, like "Macho Man", "In the Navy, and "Y.M.C.A," he has earned 65 Gold and Platinum record certificates, toured worldwide, starred in the camp classic film, "Can't Stop the Music", made the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and in 2008, garnered a star on Hollywood’s Walk
of Fame.

Continuing a career as an actor, singer and dancer, Jones has released solo CDs (most recently “Ticket to the World”, 2008), performs internationally his own solo concerts and has appeared onstage in musicals and plays in New York City and elsewhere, including "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", "Music Man", “Chicago”, "The Madonna Whore: Confessions of a Dirty Mind", "Applause", "Barefoot in the Park", “Camelot, and "42nd Street", among many others.

Included in the motion pictures he has starred in are "Against the Wind” (in which he portrays the American President), "The Gentleman”, "Three Long Years", "Beyond the Facade", "A Tale About Bootlegging", “My Guaranteed Student Loan" and "Can't Stop the Music".

He appears in various documentaries such as the History Channel's "'70's FEVER!", "Roxy: The Last Dance", "When Ocean Meets Sky", "Disco: Spinning the Story", VH-1's RockDoc "NY77: The Coolest Year in Hell", "The Godfather of Disco", "Be
hind the Music", VH1's "Sex: The Revolution" and others as narrator and interview subject. He is featured in HBO's hit comedy series, "Flight of the Conchords" directed by Oscar winner Michel Gondry, as well as an upcoming pilot “The Harmony”, for here! tv . And for the first time, he creates a new character in the popular video game, POSTAL 3, debuting in 2010.

He has appeared on the covers and in the pages of countless magazines and publications around the globe in every language. He is currently featured in SWINDLE Magazine as one of the ICONS of 2008 as well as the 35th Anniversary of PLAYGIRL Magazine. He is the author of "Macho Man", a new book published by Greenwood/Prager Publishers January 2009. His latest single, “If I Can’t Have You” dropped January 5, 2009.

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